1. Follow-up of pregnancy, childbirth and the work of the tests necessary and follow up cases of dangerous pregnancy.
  2. Treat all gynecological diseases and early detection of tumors of the uterus and ovaries and breast.
  3. The treatment of infertility and reproductive work and tests and analyzes necessary delay.
  4. The treatment of recurrent miscarriage.
  5. Treatment of irregular menstrual cycle and hormonal disorders.
  6. There immediately player to see the four-dimensional model of the fetus and know the sex of the fetus at an early stage.
  7. Ultrasound treatment of vaginal front and rear fall.
  8. Action thorough examination before marriage.
  9. Follow-up to ovulation through a vaginal ultrasound.
  10. Do something ultrasound for a pregnant woman to follow the pregnancy and the fetus and the follow-up of cases of recurrent miscarriage.
  11. Operations in order to cervical cryotherapy dry heat.
  12. Action-ray ultrasound of the uterus for early detection of polycystic ovaries and hormonal analyzes the work of their own.
  13. Load regulation by Helix hormone injections and tablets and stickers and Episode hormonal vaginal do Bokhzaanh vaginal early detection of tumors, in addition to the periodic inspection to protect against cervical cancer and taking vaccinations its own to do to take the vaginal sample to detect the microbe type that causes infections vaginal.
  14. Breast screening for early detection of tumors.
  15. There is a newer device ultrasound for pregnant women, as well as the acoustic waves vaginal follow ovulation by ultrasound vaginal audio.
  16. To take samples from the cervix for early detection of tumors of the cervix.
  17. Do Labaki cervical ulcer cooling or thermal cautery.