Section primarily aims to achieve the patient 's smile attractive and healthy and features section to provide modern techniques with secure all ways and means of comfort , along with distinctive services provided to the patient and works to achieve the desired goal. 

Given the evolution witnessed Dentistry and the need for control of dental disease and treat the group Medical Alakala has provided the finest techniques used in oral and dental and jaw processors and carried out by a group of Consultants and Specialists with experience and efficiency provide the highest level of services and they develop trust with the patient addition careful sterilization services and the use of the latest hardware them.

The scope of service of 

General Dentistry

Dentists are qualified in the field of dentistry, and operators have a recognized international training after graduation, and at the postgraduate level (for example: fellowship in the field of cosmetic dentistry surgeries).

Expansion in the service phase of primary care, general dentistry advanced, surgeries and cosmetic dentistry.  

Emergency dental treatment

Care 24 hours a day every day.

Treat emergency and urgent.

Comprehensive dental clinic within the emergency room.

Plastic surgery of the face and jaws

Plastic surgery involves making jaw rehabilitation Trqiei to the head and neck areas were lost, by substitutes from non-living tissue, and this is the result of a surgical procedure, or injury, or distortions caused by the disease, or birth defects.

Gums and teeth diseases

Preventive measures for periodontal disease.

For the repair defects jaw bone surrounding the teeth measures.

Plastic surgery of the teeth.

Special measures for patients with symptoms of cases and mouth area.

Private atrophy jawbone measures.

Surgical replacement of lost teeth through dental implant process.


This specialization aims of Dentistry, diagnosis, and prevention, and inventory, guide and correct teeth that grow wrong, and affect the shape and structure of the mouth and teeth that appear evident through the face, and includes a section:

Internationally trained consultants, and holders of high training in pediatric patients, adults and adult treatment.

Installing and moving the teeth.

Comprehensive evaluation of the teeth system.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Total cases of re-qualification of the mouth.

Supported teeth fixed installed.

Supported mobile dental installed.

Dental implant supported.

Dental implants

Physicians and Dentists, offers the gums and teeth, dentists installation transplant comprehensive treatment plan service.

Surgical replacement of the teeth and the broad diversity of the dental implant systems.

Compatible dental implant rehabilitation of the teeth through the work of fixtures needed.

Dental implant surgery for the area surrounding the teeth.

Comprehensive support for patients with dental implants.


The dental roots necessary when the nerve is inflamed or injured infected.

Includes dental roots (treatment nerve), remove the pulp tissue patient, cleaning and filling the root canal area.

The traditional roots of dental treatment (treatment nerve).

Surgical treatment of the roots of teeth.

Rotational therapy for the roots of the teeth (exploratory).

Private patients dental injuries measures.

Mouth and jaw surgery

Tooth tinkering includes the rehabilitation of the areas of the head and neck missing Ooemczuhh by means of the fabric of the neighborhood is, and this is the result of a surgical procedure, or injury, or distortions caused by the disease, or birth defects.

Tooth extraction surgically.

Diagnosis and assessment of cases suffering from diseases of the mouth.

Cases that have hit and break the mouth area.

Cooperation with the ear, nose and throat department and cosmetic surgery.

Home consulting.

Laser surgery for soft tissue.

Private injury lip and palate measures.

Surgical measures to tumors of the mouth.

Teeth health

Routine follow-up visits for planting teeth and take care of it.

Stuffing cracks tooth enamel.

Textured fluoride treatment.

Unit ozone therapy for the prevention of tooth decay.

Dental lab

Equipped laboratory for the structures Porcelain offers excellent and competitive service.

The full potential of the work of the molds at low and high temperatures.

     Comprehensive support for orthodontic cases.