1. Detection and treatment of the nose, ear and throat diseases different.
  2. Ear examination of the surgical microscope.
  3. To do with money ear when the medical need for it.
  4. To open the outer ear abscess do with changing the dressing on the ear.
  5. Conducting chemical Ironing Fever nose.
  6. Measuring the ear pressure and measuring functions Astakeon channel.
  7. The treatment of nasal bleeding extraction of foreign bodies from the ear, nose and throat.
  8. Disclosure of the safety of the ear and do the planning for the hearing and ear pressure measurement treatment of sinusitis.
  9. The treatment of nasal bleeding Balki eradicate the fatty bags next to the ear under local anesthetic Balmistocef.
  10. Install an external nasal fractures plaster Balmistocef.
  11. Do surgical operations as simple as:
  12. Tonsillectomy and meaty behind the nose.
  13. The process of correcting the nasal septum.
  14. Partial eradication of nasal polyps treatment of work-related injuries.
  15. Medical examination Fitness (employment