Who Are We

Dr. / Abdul Rahman Al-ogaly opened his first clinic in the year (2000) in Medina, Saudi Arabia .. and quickly became a leading center par excellence in the field of medical care in a variety of disciplines, with the diagnosis and advanced therapies technically followed after that expansion and development now becomes Al-ogaly Medical Group and it includes 5 clinics in Medina and complex dental clinics in Jeddah  and Medical Inc and pharmacy 

And you'll find in Al-ogaly medical groups and a wide range of services provided by consultants and specialists experienced that, most of whom graduated from prestigious medical institutions with a global reputation, and hold advanced degrees. 

and a range of medical Alakala a full medical team of medical professionals highly skilled doctors Consultants, which its members work together to find a way appropriate treatment for you. 

We dedicate our efforts wholeheartedly to ensure that dissipate fears and offer you the appropriate treatment with the finest medical, ethical and aesthetic standards. 

All team members in Alakala Medical Group professionals registered with the international bodies, and are characterized by extensive experience in the medical field and the commitment to patients

Our Mission

Our mission to provide you with the best medical care on the level of the Medina and Jeddah, we focus on all the terms of reference of dentistry and human medicine.

That is why we bear in mind the following:

  1. The patient needs and expectations are the center of our attention
  2. Hire and train highly qualified
  3. Use of high medical skills
  4. The use of modern technology
  5. The development of a professional and flexible management

Business philosophyP

Alakala Medical Group is a group responsible and exercise work honestly .. We are to fear God in our work and our operations, and we are playing a useful role in the social interest of customers, employees, physicians and the community as a whole .. Therefore we have identified the following items as pillars underpinning our work:

  1. Patient service first
  2. Provide a valid climate action
  3. Maintaining the values ​​and ethics of the profession
  4. To provide a continuum of health services to the community
  5. Training and continuing education for employees