Section primarily aims to achieve the patient 's smile attractive and healthy and features section to provide modern techniques with secure all ways and means of comfort , along with distinctive services provided to the patient and works to achieve the desired goal. Given the evolution witnessed Dentistry and the need for control of


          Follow-up of pregnancy, childbirth and the work of the tests necessary and follow up cases of dangerous pregnancy.Treat all gynecological diseases and early detection of tumors of the uterus and ovaries and breast.The treatment of infertility and reproductive work and tests and analyzes necessary delay.The treatment of


    Processing the clinics with  modern network  modern medical devices  The doctors clinics are diagnosis and cure  the illness which hitting the children In different their ages in addition to supply  the families with


    1- Follow-up and treatment of diabetics.2- Follow-up and treatment of hypertension.3- Follow-up and treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic patients.4- Treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia.5- The treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.6- Treatment of infections and kidney stones and urinary tract.7- Treatment of articular rheumatism.8-


    Detection and treatment of the nose, ear and throat diseases different.Ear examination of the surgical microscope.To do with money ear when the medical need for it.To open the outer ear abscess do with changing the dressing on the ear.Conducting chemical Ironing Fever nose.Measuring the ear pressure and measuring functions Astakeon channel.The

  • X-RAYS

    Radiology Department offers a range of medical Alakala newer and fuller Altsoiraltaby and modern interventional techniques where the department offers services:Ultrasound / are checking all parts of the body ultrasound regular and colorful (abdomen - the neck, thyroid, chest and early detection of all breast diseases and disease and varicose


    Of the universal periodic examination.The work of the special tests the diagnosis of male infertility and women.Diagnosis and follow-up and follow-up sugar regularity therapy within 3 months of the discovery of the disease.Early diagnosis of tumors of men and women.Diagnosis of anemia and find out why and follow-up treatment and


    Receiving emergency cases and emergency patients and provide them with the necessary examination and medical care.Provide first aid to patients who can not be treated Balmistocef and transferred to the hospital to complete their treatment under specialist medical care.Wounds do simple work like stitches and cleaning wounds and stop the bleeding