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نهتم في رعاية طفلكعلى ايدي افضل الاطباءخدماتنا من فحص للطفلومتابعة حديثي الولادةوالتطعيم والنظام الغذائي     

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نهدي عملائنا الكرامخصم25%بمناسبة حلولعـــــــ25ـــــامامن العطـــــــــاء  

Newest Technology Types ((Dental Microscope)) In D.yaser Stas Clinic

Praise be to God was the installation of dental microscope device in D.yaser Stas ClinicYou can see the difference in accuracy between direct vision, using a microscope microscope ... where he became a patient can continue to work step by step on the display screen and see the difference before and after treatment also helps the device

Cosmetic Dentistry With Dr. Major Stas

Dr. Meagher Stas one Dentists obtaining the membership of the European Society for Cosmetic Dentistry Anesthesia Machine without pain: the device to work in a fast Atjajat syringe drug which leads to a sense of ease to pain during anesthesia Contact Lenses: is a thin veneer of porcelain is characterized by aesthetic qualities to it, nor change